Friday, December 02, 2011

iPhone Friday
A Chance to Relax After Work

"iPhone Wallpaper from App: "Backgrounds"
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While looking at someone else's blog, I saw the idea for posting a photo taken on your iPhone every Friday. {Sorry, I do not recall which blog as I was surfing the net and caught a glimpse of the idea, then was off to another site. I am sure you know how that goes.}

For my first iPhone Friday post I wanted to share something I enjoy when I relax, but first some background.  I meet regularly with a wonderful group of friends who do Native American Beading. {Though not full blooded I have some Indian blood running through my veins.  Mainly Cherokee, but I am sure I have some other mixed in.} I am learning from a fantastic teacher {a wonderful Osage elder}! The patterns are not written down, but instead are shared in the time-honored tradition of passing the information along by word of mouth. Someday I too will pass along this information, doing my part to keep this "art" alive. I will post in the future about some of my beading and I will ask my teacher permission to include a photograph taken of him in his full regalia at a PowWow.

Recently while we were beading I was offered a cup of Chai Tea Latte. I know my DS {Dear Son} loves Chai Tea but I had never tried it as I was thinking it would be strong and have a heavy spice taste. I was so wrong!  Our hostess was making some for another beader and offered me a cup. Oh Wow!! How do you spell "hooked"?! It is possibly the best hot tea I have ever tasted.
Now I should back up and tell you that I am from the South so I love a very cold glass of ice tea and yes, "Sweet Tea please!"  I "dabbled" with drinking hot tea when I was a teenager. I would drink it but it was not "Wow!" because I had not found the right tea. I had fun trying different teas though. During this time I heard about a cup called a "Mustache Cup" while I was at camp.  When I got home I mentioned it to my father.  Being the loving Father that he is, he secretly went in search for one for me.  Dad lettered my name on mine before he gave it to me. I am not sure where he found it but I thought it was the coolest thing. I would still have it except I made the mistake of leaving it at home when I moved 500 miles away. Ooops!  My parents have moved since then and so I am quessing it was either discarded or given away. {I really should ask though!}

Since I no longer have that cup and I knew some of you would wonder what one looks like, here's a photo from Stephanie Land Clicks' Blog.

I chose a more fancy one to show you. The one I had was a ceramic mug. You can see now why it is called a mustache cup - just right for someone with a mustache.

I thought the hot tea tasted better in my mustache cup because it had been lovingly found (and personalized) by my Father! The only thing missing from my hot tea was milk. At the time I did not realize milk was needed. Growing up in the South I had not seen anyone put milk in their hot tea. I was around so very few hot tea drinkers and actually did not meet a hot tea fan until I was away at camp for a week one summer. Even though it was hot and humid {a normal Southern summer} I drank a lot of hot tea that week because it was new to me.  

Fast forward to current days and my first encounter with Chai Tea Latte. When it was presented  to me I was told it was Chai Tea. I was not sure if the creamy taste was normal for all Chai Tea but as I inquired, they told me it was a Latte so it had milk in it. The milk smoothed it out nicely. 

The photo I am using for my first iPhone Friday post was actually taken a couple of weeks ago. I went to Panera to relax and write a letter to one of my Fountain Pen Network {FPN} pen friends who is from the UK.  I decided a cup of Chai Tea Latte and a slice of Babka would be a nice treat.  {To read more about Panera's Babka, click on the name.} So without further ado, here is my iPhone Friday photo:

In my letter, I mentioned my new addiction to Chai Tea Latte and how the milk really added what had been missing {for me} from hot tea.  For as long as I can remember, I have heard  the British really know how to appreciate a good cup of hot tea. My pen friend wrote back that "milk is essential."  Yes! Confirmation that I had finally discovered what had been missing from my hot tea experience! {And by the way, that is a normal slice of Babka. Panera is very generous. It is light and airy so some can finish this big slice in one sitting. I sometimes have to ask for a to-go box so I can take the other half with me.}

By the way, to block out the sounds of the cafe, I was also listening to a mystery via "Playaway" from one of my local libraries {thus the writing on the Playaway}. I could not resist taking a photo with the Playaway so you can see how small they are. 

For those interested in seeing how Babka is made, I am including a video of Tom Gumpel, Head Baker at Panera:

Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Thanks, Steve Jobs!!

{Tribute to founder ~ photo from

I remember shopping around for our first personal computer and choosing an Apple IIe with Duo Disk Drive.  {No, please do not try to guess my age.} The duo disk drive was brand new and came at a perfect time! No longer would the user have to pull out the program disk to put in the data disk.  My Apple IIe served me well and helped to provide some of our income while I was home with our newborn son.  I spent many an hour typing papers for people. 

We have had Windows based computers since but when our last Windows PC died a miserable death,  DH {Dear Hubby} gave me the green light to once again own an Apple product! He did not have to tell me twice!! I raced to the Apple store.  

Since then I have been able to purchase other Apple products and dream of adding more. Yes, I am a Mac!  I especially love a Mac for my photography! My sister and I put my iMac to the test shortly after I purchased it. While visiting our parents, we loaded over 700 baseball photos on my iMac, labeled each photo, created albums and burned CDs for each baseball player to have photos of himself and some of his team and coach {my sister's hubby}. Never once did my computer slow down or miss a beat! 

Thanks for letting me take a minute to say goodbye to a man who enhanced my world!

This closing photo is a re-image of the famous Apple Logo. A teenager in Hong Kong, Johnathan Mak, presented this logo on his blog. I thought this was a fitting tribute to one of Apple's founders.

Thanks, Steve!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Tale of a Lost Lawn Mower
Click on "You Tube'" in the lower right hand side to view this in You Tube so my niece's son will get credit for the views.  This one is short but it is so much fun you will want to watch it more than once. Enjoy!!

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