Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Came the Ice

Here is my obligatory icicle photo (because icicles are so pretty!). Thursday evening we had lots of sleet and rain. It wasn't until Friday afternoon that the snow began to fall.

In our backyard we have a wheelbarrow that is turned upside down.

My neighbor's pine tree always looks so pretty when it snows! If memory serves me correctly, this one grew from a seedling she planted when she got married.  

I close with Sweetie taking a break from playing in the snow. Sasha was camera shy today. My two "snow girls" have played and played outside today. They would come inside for a few minutes and then head right back out.  The snow was a lot deeper (we received six inches of snow yesterday) but now that they have run all over the backyard the snow has become more compacted. The girls are finally inside, perhaps ready for a nap.

I promise fiber and paper posts soon!

Stay warm!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

As the Snow Falls...

I work downtown in a town about 25 minutes away. Last night we had lots of sleet and rain. This afternoon it started snowing a lot. This is a picture taken with my mobile phone while waiting on the bus.

Earlier in the afternoon I took this picture from the 6th floor of my building looking out at the parking lot by the Jazz Museum. Not very many people were still there, as you can tell from their parking lot. (Their building was a train depot it its previous "life." Trains still pass by all thru the day.)

My building is an all-glass building. In some places there are dots on the windows to "shade" the floor. I apologize but my phone did not come with a dot filter!

When I got home, it seemed we had more snow than at work.

After I greeted the dogs and hubby all at once (they all met me at the door - what a warm greeting!), I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures in the backyard. I apologize I did not have a chance to adjust the camera. My concern was grabbing daylight.

The snow really shows on Sweetie! She loves to rub her snout in it.

Picnic anyone?

We could throw something on the grill!

Still snowing - that is what those white slanted lines are
(If you click on a photo, it enlarges and you can really see the snow falling --
then click on your back button to come back to the blog.)

Even the Snow Girls did not seem to want to be out there while the snow was still coming down. I have a feeling it was stinging their eyes.

After they had their supper, the snow had fallen stopped falling.  Now they are out playing in the new fallen snow -- yes, now that it is too dark to take pictures!

Stay warm and safe!
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