Thursday, November 29, 2007

Introducing the Newest Member of our Family
Sweetie {Chow and Border Collie Mix}

Sometimes a special animal comes into your life and you feel blessed to spend time with them. Sweetie is definitely a blessing! My niece and her family are moving and will not be able to take Sweetie with them. Wanting her to have another home full of love, they asked if she could come live with us. Having lots of room in her heart, Sweetie loves her first family and her new family.

The night before we were to leave for Oklahoma, Sweetie and I spent the evening with DB {Dear Brother} and DSIL {Dear Sister-in-Law}. Sweetie really enjoys their backyard and pool area too!

Sweetie has been with us for a little over 3 months now and DH {Dear Hubby} agrees we are doubly blessed again with two wonderful girls. Sweetie and her new big-Sis Sasha have a lot of fun together. Recently we spent time at a local park that allows dogs on leashes.

While I was in Mississippi, another dog caught my eye and I had to shoot this video so I could show everyone this "Working Dog" {click on the arrow to start the video... right before the video starts, the word buffering will appear in the upper left hand corner ~ if it does not appear, click on the arrow one more time}:

Happy Tails to you....

Friday, November 23, 2007

Do you like contests?

A WhoDuKnit friend of mine is having a contest in celebration of her 300th blog. I am enjoying reading the comments everyone is posting there and I think you will also. Surf on over to GrammieKnits for your chance to win some cool prizes. The price of admission is to post something weird about yourself. Be sure and tell her KnittedZebra sent you.

Carpe Knitting,

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yarniverse ~ Memphis, Tennessee

When I was planning a trip to visit family this past summer, I immediately put a stop in at Yarniverse on my list of things I absolutely had to do. I first heard about this fun two-story yarn shop when I became interested in the Lizard Ridge Afghan. {Click on the name or the picture for a link to the pattern. Click on the name of the store. for a link to their website where you can hunt for "free patterns." Only some are listed under "free patterns." Part of the fun is the hunt.}

The pattern to this beautiful afghan can be found on

and right above the pattern is an advertisement for Yarniverse's Kureyon Club:

Clicking on their link above the Knitty pattern, I discovered Brenda and her always-helpful crew are in Memphis, Tennessee ~ now that caught my attention! Wish I lived closer so I could go in and knit with them. Knitters are always welcome at their table.

If you are a fan of Koigu, they also have a Koigu Collector's Club for you:

Their aim is to have in stock all of the colors from Knits from a Painter's Palette:

That is probably no easy feat with the ever-increasing popularity of Koigu.

While I was at Yarniverse my DB, DSIL and DGN {Dear Brother, Dear Sister-in-Law and Dear Grand-Nephew} were with me. My creative brother wrote the following poem about his first experience in this wonderful yarn shop:

The Magic of Knitting
by KZ's Brother

Traveling from Galaxy to Galaxy in the Yarniverse
Watching shooting beads: red, yellow, blue and brown
Dodging falling meteor buttons as they spin by
Then up ahead an exploding wool star
Thousands of brightly colored wool blast off in every direction
As we continue to sail through the magic Yarniverse.

I went there early on my trip so I could take advantage of an in-store sale they were having on Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton.

My plan for these colors is to knit a blanket. I need to add some more colors to have a full complement, but I have a start.

Looking at these pictures taken this summer at DB and DSIL's pool brings back wonderful memories of my trip to Mississippi.

Soon after I got to my parents' home, I wound the cotton into yarn cakes. I owe a special thanks to DM {Dear Mom} who visited with me thru most of the winding and a very big Thank-You-So-Much to DD {Dear Dad} who sat with me tirelessly helping to get the knots out when a couple of skeins proved to be extra challenging. I am sure many of you can relate with your own experiences of yarn that did not wind willingly {I know that is quite an understatement ~ In fact many of you have your own names for just such yarn and just such an occasion!}.

{Special thanks also go to KZ's Brother for the poem and for "going out on a ledge" to help me show off some new yarn stash.}

Carpe Knitting,