Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Colonel

{a.k.a. Knitted Zebra's Brother}

While I was growing up, we celebrated birthdays two months out of the year. Dad, Knitted Zebra's Sister and KZ were born in January. Mom and KZ's Brother were born in August. We also play favorites in my family. So on this last day in August, I am sending birthday wishes to my favorite brother and our parents' favorite son.

My apologies that I do not have a better picture to share. I have inserted his face from the blurry picture we took at Mom's birthday party into a picture I took when he did not know I was taking his picture. Right after I took this he asked me not to take his picture ~ for the record though I took this before he said that. I have included this secret picture so there is something knitting related in this post and to also show how kind he is to KZ. {That's my story and I am sticking to it!} Next post you will find out more about what he was doing for me out on the rocks.

The Colonel would walk with me to school when I was in Kindergarten and in First Grade. His school was next door to mine. In First Grade I remember hunting for him sometimes when he was heading home for lunch. One of the local teens would occasionally break into the school at night. The next morning some of the older kids would tell the first graders that the person who broke into the school was waiting on us and was going to grab us. Since this scared me, I would tell my brother I did not feel good and needed to go home.

Early on my brother would receive Elvis records for Christmas. After hearing Elvis all thru the holidays, in my young mind I decided Elvis music was Christmas music. Little did we know years later the Colonel would be the only telephone company employee allowed to install a phone in Elvis' hospital room each time Elvis was there.

Being several years older than me, I was heart broken when my brother joined the Navy and I could not go with him. I remember my parents explaining to me that the Navy did not allow young girls to enlist. I did not play with dolls very often but I really liked the Ken doll with the Navy suit my parents bought for me shortly after the Colonel headed off to Boot Camp. He sent me one of his Navy hats and my parents took a picture of me wearing the hat and holding Ken the Sailor. I included the picture in my next letter to him so I could let my brother know I missed him. Years later I learned that picture went with him on four tours of Vietnam.

During the four years he was in the military, he sent me the coolest letters. I recall one where the writing was all in wavy lines like the ocean. We moved to Corinth while he was still enlisted. I remember looking out the window of our new home one afternoon and seeing my brother, dressed in uniform, getting out of a cab. It was a surprise visit so my Mom thought I was hallucinating. I went running to the front door and was so excited that I could not get the door open. I think I was calling out my brother's name over and over. My parents came running when they realized he really was on the other side of the door.

So for the Colonel's birthday, I close with Elvis on tour in Hawaii singing "American Triology." I chose this one because it shows some pictures from Tupelo, Missisippi. You will even see a couple of pictures of Elvis' birthplace which was across the street from where we lived for five years. Double click on the arrow to start the video.

Carpe knitting,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's a Fig, Newton!

My week in Mississippi is flying by way too fast! My parents were expecting me on Monday; however, Saturday {08.11.2007} was my Mom's birthday. Knitted Zebra's Brother, Sister and I planned a surprise for Mom and Dad. They told Mom they would take them out to eat for Mom's birthday and Mom & Dad's Wedding Anniversary. After most were gathered inside the house on Saturday, I walked in and said "Happy Birthday!" Mom said she thought she was dreaming when she looked up and saw me there. She had been trying to figure out a time when all of us could be together through the week. I live 525 miles away, so it is an all day journey to "pop in."

We are enjoying laughter, great times together and wonderful food. Some of the best food comes from the fruits of my Dad's labor. He loves to work in his garden now that he is retired. I am early for the figs and muscadines, but wanted to show you what I will be missing. Above is one of the figs. Below is a shot of one of Dad's fig plants. I am sure his figs will be so tasty!

One of my all-time favorite Southern foods ~ muscadines ~ is shown below. Muscadine Jelly and Muscadine Juice fall right in line with delicious muscadines right off the vine! I did get to taste a couple of muscadines. One was ripe, but the other was evidence that I was too early for the harvest.

I have really looked forward to some of Dad's delectable green tomatoes fried up and served hot. Yum! Green fried tomatoes are so good!

Another Southern tradition, besides Mom's outstanding cooking, is a bowl of Boiled Green Peanuts. Sometimes it is hard to find them fresh, but believe it or not Peanut Patch Green Boiled Peanuts are the next best thing. {I did not believe Mom until I tried them.}

Yes, I call them Boiled Green Peanuts and they call them Green Boiled Peanuts. To me they are green peanuts that are boiled, to Peanut Patch they are Boiled Peanuts that are green. Somehow though I am not going to let semantics stand in the way of enjoying them. {Rest assured, no peanuts were wasted in the making of this photo!}

While speaking of the South, I have to mention Elvis, especially in relation to tomorrow {anniversary of his death}. While growing up I lived across the street from Elvis' birthplace for five years. {Click on birthplace to go to a link that shows pictures of his home.} At that time the birthplace served as a "rent house" and was owned by a local lady. This type house is known as a "shotgun house" in local terminology.
It is a small two room house with wooden steps and a small porch the width of the house. The front door opens into a small room with another small room immediately behind the first. The back door is at the end of the second room.

When I lived in Tupelo, I had a memory of why they called it a shotgun house, so I "Googled" the term to see if I was correct. "The Shotgun house is a narrow one-story dwelling without halls. Each room is placed behind the other in single file. The roof ridge is perpendicular to the street. The traditional description of why these houses are called "shotgun" is that if one fired a shotgun through the front door, the shot would pass through the lined-up doors of each room and out the back door." {Definition from}

I did not live in Tupelo at the time, but Elvis held a concert at the Tupelo Fair Grounds in 1956. The following statement was made by Elvis as reported in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, August 16, 2007: "Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do 'em all together."

Knitted Zebra's Brother worked for South Central Bell in Memphis for over 30 years. During this time he was assigned to handle telephone service to the downtown medical center. It was his assignment {and pleasure} to "hook up" the private telephone for Elvis each time he entered the hospital. Elvis would always be admitted after midnight. On one occasion, Elvis left him a short note as he was being discharged: "Thanks, first name of KZ's Brother, for your help." One thing that made this note unique was Elvis wrote this at 2:00 a.m. on his doctor's prescription pad. This is to the memory of Elvis as we remember him 30 years after his death.

It is amazing what some wizards can do! Tomorrow {08.17.2007} on and on itunes, you will be able to see a duet between a now-grown Lisa Marie Presley and her father, Elvis, who died when Lisa Marie was 9 years old. In anticipation, here is a replay of the American Idol duet of Celine and Elvis. Elvis' image was taken from a concert in 1968, the year Celine was born. Double click on the arrow to start the music.

This afternoon I went to a place my sister told me about ~ The Fillin' Station at the corner of Fillmore and Wick Street in Historic Downtown Corinth. When you walk in, it is very evident the owner is a true Elvis Fan!! A number of people were enjoying "Dogs on the Run" with slaw, homemade chili and Sweet Vidalia onions. If you are in the mood for a thick slab of bologna in a cheese sandwich or a Grilled Cheese freshly made, you have come to the right place. If I am not mistaken, those are some of the sandwiches Elvis enjoyed. I stopped in for some ice cold Dr. Pepper and picked up a couple of glass bottles of Soda Pop for memorabilia from Corinth. If you are ever in the area, I know they would love to have you drop by The Fillin' Station.

The picture above was taken at my parents' home. All of our guitars are at the homes of Knitted Zebra, KZ's Brother and KZ's Son, so a piano was substituted for a musical instrument. That is a menu from The Fillin' Station though. My apologies that the pic is blurry, I needed more light.

For those who have waded thru this for the knitting content, I present to you the start of "My So Called Scarf" which I found on Sheep In the City's blog. I first saw this scarf on Stacey's blog when I was just learning to knit. I knew someday I would knit one of these. After a few projects on my knitting needles, I went in search of the beautiful Manos del Uraguay yarn she had used. It was well worth the wait! This is the Wildflowers colorway and I am using Denise Needles, size 15. I found the yarn at my LYS, Stitches.

Carpe Knitting,

Monday, August 13, 2007

I Won!

What fun to win a blog contest! This is my first chance to post about my good fortune. Kat had a contest on her blog Creative Pop-Offs to identify the difference between her Swallowtail Shawl and the original from

Kat treated me to 4 skeins of fun yarn!

  1. Kathmandu, Aran, Greensland Collection, Color 133 {twead brown}, 85% Merino Wool, 10% Silk and 5% Cashmere

  2. Moda-Dea, Zing, Color 1887 {sparkly black and silver}, 100% Polyester

  3. Persia, Ladder, Shade 900 {blues and blacks}, 100% Nylon

  4. Trendsetter Yarns, Aura, Color 8298 {black, silver, grey and white}, 80% Wool, 10% Nylon, and 10% Polyester

I will enjoy finding the perfect projects for these yarns. Thanks, Kat! {Apologies that the picture does not do them justice.}

Speaking of Interweave Knits, have you checked their updated website for free knitting patterns? While you are there, be sure and sign up for

ru knitting daily? .

Carpe Knitting,

I am Knitting Daily

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What Kind of Knitting Needles Are You?

Here's a little quiz I took. Click on the word "quiz" below where it says "Take this quiz" if you would like to see what kind of knitting needles you are.

What kind of knitting needles are you?

You are bamboo.Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You love the craft and beauty of traditional things, and you value the comfort and experience of knitting as much as the results. But while you are reveling in your warm cozies, don't get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is the whole wide world!
Take this quiz!


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More knitting tomorrow.

Carpe Knitting,

This is a place marker to correct problem
with overhang of needles post.

The overhang is running into Mom's

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Part of the family were able to drop by today to sing Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing women we know. The rest of the family really wanted to be here. Since they could not, they came in spirit and sent their love!

This incredible genteel Southern lady goes by many names: Sister, Wife, Mother {Mom}, Mother-in-law, Grandmother {Maw} and Great-Grandmother. Each and every one of these names means Love!

Mom's sister was not able to be here today, so she sent the most beautiful long stem roses ~ a baker's dozen. The picture does not do them justice. The middle rose is a gorgeous yellow rose. Knitted Zebra's Aunt lives in Texas ~ isn't there a song about the Yellow Rose of Texas?

Mom, you mean so much to us that words alone cannot express our ever-growing love for you! God has truly blessed us!!

We love you Mom!

Thanks for sharing Mom's birthday with me via my blog.

Carpe knitting,

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thoughts to Weave

Last post I promised you a guest writer ~ someone very dear to my heart. I have known him my entire life. When I was growing up and other people would ask who my hero was, I always replied "My brother!" He has it all: he is handsome {when we were growing up girls offered me money for his pictures.. but I would not let them buy any. Naturally this made them want them even more!}, he is intelligent and he has a great sense of humor. {Sorry ladies, he is married!} When he sent me the following, I immediately shot back with an email asking, "May I please post your list?" Being the Dear Brother {DB} that he is, he wrote back granting his permission. Before you read his thoughts, take a moment and read my description of As the Wool Turns at the top of my blog and the quote I have at the bottom of my blog. Now without making you wait any longer, I present to you:

Thoughts to weave.....

1. The whole world is a ball of wool. Be careful how you weave it.

2. Life's tapestry waits for no man.

3. I was spinning and weaving when a bead got in my eye. I woke up and found I had pulled the wool over my eyes.

4. As the wool turns I sat on a knitting needle.

5. Wet wool is hard to love.

6. Every person has a thread to weave, discovering yours is wet can be the pits.

7. Every person has a thread to weave, discovering yours came from an ugly sheep stinks.

8. The spinning stops here.

9. Growing up as the Knitted Zebra's brother, I could always tell when she was mad at me. At Christmas I would get a sweater made from steel wool.

10. Don't weave while driving.

signed The Knitted Zebra's Brother
Thanks DB!!
I hope you will leave a comment to let him know you enjoyed his thoughts. I want to entice him to write more for us!
Carpe knitting,