Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thoughts to Weave

Last post I promised you a guest writer ~ someone very dear to my heart. I have known him my entire life. When I was growing up and other people would ask who my hero was, I always replied "My brother!" He has it all: he is handsome {when we were growing up girls offered me money for his pictures.. but I would not let them buy any. Naturally this made them want them even more!}, he is intelligent and he has a great sense of humor. {Sorry ladies, he is married!} When he sent me the following, I immediately shot back with an email asking, "May I please post your list?" Being the Dear Brother {DB} that he is, he wrote back granting his permission. Before you read his thoughts, take a moment and read my description of As the Wool Turns at the top of my blog and the quote I have at the bottom of my blog. Now without making you wait any longer, I present to you:

Thoughts to weave.....

1. The whole world is a ball of wool. Be careful how you weave it.

2. Life's tapestry waits for no man.

3. I was spinning and weaving when a bead got in my eye. I woke up and found I had pulled the wool over my eyes.

4. As the wool turns I sat on a knitting needle.

5. Wet wool is hard to love.

6. Every person has a thread to weave, discovering yours is wet can be the pits.

7. Every person has a thread to weave, discovering yours came from an ugly sheep stinks.

8. The spinning stops here.

9. Growing up as the Knitted Zebra's brother, I could always tell when she was mad at me. At Christmas I would get a sweater made from steel wool.

10. Don't weave while driving.

signed The Knitted Zebra's Brother
Thanks DB!!
I hope you will leave a comment to let him know you enjoyed his thoughts. I want to entice him to write more for us!
Carpe knitting,


Anonymous said...

WTG DB...(Delores' brother, not darling brother)
that was awesome to read and very insightful. I think I will knit my brother a steel wool sweater.

Kat said...

Those are great!!

I'd love to see more posts from The Knitted Zebra's Brother. :-)

Monika said...

Loved to read "thoughts to weave", can't help it, but they made me smile. # 10 does not apply to me. ;o) and of course # 9 neither. I would love to make my brother something with steal wool, he deserves it. ;o)

Knitted Zebra said...

About your brother's clever sayings: "Sometimes the thread he weaves turns out to be a yarn."

You see, I've known him longer than you have, and it's harder for him to pull the wool over my eyes! But I have to admit, he is all the nice things you say he is. A really fine man, and still handsome enough that we could probably sell a few of his pictures-----however, there is that cute Brad Pitt and George Clooney to compete with!

signed The Knitted Zebra's Aunt

Knitted Zebra said...

To all brothers who receive steel wool sweaters, I would like to caution you not to wear them in the rain or in the snow unless you prefer rust colored sweaters!

signed The Knitted Zebra's Brother

Anonymous said...

That description of Knitted Zebra's brother sounds a lot like my brother too! What a coincidence!

Signed The Knitted Zebra's Sister