Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter Wonderland....?!

For the last two weeks we have been covered in snow. Yesterday the temperatures in our state were colder than the South Pole! Minus 11 Fahrenheit is not my idea of fun. Nowata, Oklahoma was Minus 31. We are not in the north and we are not talking wind chill! Baby, it's cold outside!!

This video was taken when my Border Collie/Chow mix went out into the early snow last week. As you will see by the look on her face she had a mission that snowy morning. It kept snowing, so every time she went out she had to blaze new trails. Finally when the snow stopped, her "sister" was so glad Sweetie had blazed those trails. Sasha is older and it was too difficult for her to trudge thorough such deep snow.  She quickly found if she used the trails blazed by Sweetie she could negotiate the back yard and get to their favorite spots. I wish I had an aerial view of those trials!

Sweetie loved blazing those trails!  The camera was shaky because I was not dressed appropriately for the weather.  I was really cold, but I wanted to grab the opportunity to capture her intensity in the storm

The piece of fence that looks like it is getting old is actually an additional picket section we propped up along side the fence in the summer.  We used to have it out further so the dogs could go between the fence and that section for shade (a make shift lean-to).

I have not had a chance to blog much lately but I have some fun things I will be sharing with you soon. Think color, think art and think ink!

Warmer weather coming our way!
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