Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Thanks, Steve Jobs!!

{Tribute to founder ~ photo from

I remember shopping around for our first personal computer and choosing an Apple IIe with Duo Disk Drive.  {No, please do not try to guess my age.} The duo disk drive was brand new and came at a perfect time! No longer would the user have to pull out the program disk to put in the data disk.  My Apple IIe served me well and helped to provide some of our income while I was home with our newborn son.  I spent many an hour typing papers for people. 

We have had Windows based computers since but when our last Windows PC died a miserable death,  DH {Dear Hubby} gave me the green light to once again own an Apple product! He did not have to tell me twice!! I raced to the Apple store.  

Since then I have been able to purchase other Apple products and dream of adding more. Yes, I am a Mac!  I especially love a Mac for my photography! My sister and I put my iMac to the test shortly after I purchased it. While visiting our parents, we loaded over 700 baseball photos on my iMac, labeled each photo, created albums and burned CDs for each baseball player to have photos of himself and some of his team and coach {my sister's hubby}. Never once did my computer slow down or miss a beat! 

Thanks for letting me take a minute to say goodbye to a man who enhanced my world!

This closing photo is a re-image of the famous Apple Logo. A teenager in Hong Kong, Johnathan Mak, presented this logo on his blog. I thought this was a fitting tribute to one of Apple's founders.

Thanks, Steve!
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