Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fun Swaps I Participated in Recently

Mystery Bottle Swap

One of the internet groups I belong to is WhoDuKnit. {This is a group of knitters and crocheters who also enjoy a good mystery. Members vote to pick a book of the month and if you want, you can knit or crochet something inspired by the book. There is a monthly contest for any knitted/crocheted entries for that month's book. We have different mystery swaps also.} I have only been a member a short time but already am having fun as you can tell by the picture above and below.

We also have a WhoDuKnit blog. You will be able to see some of the inspired projects and other bottles if you click on the name of the blog.

What a blast to go to the Post Office and discover Cathy in Ohio's bottle arrived! It was quite hectic at work the day it arrived {truth be told ~ it's hectic just about any day at work!}, so this made for a very bright spot in my day! I was amazed at how much Cathy was able to stuff in this bottle. You can tell she is a "seasoned" bottle swapper!

Dishcloth Pattern in Waffle Stitch
Peaches 'n Cream yarn
Peach Scented votive candle
Post It Notes
Regia Yarn
Sock Shaped Point Protectors
Tootsie Rolls

I know I will enjoy using every item she so carefully placed in my bottle. Cathy, thanks for the fun in a bottle!

Click on the links in red above if you are interested in checking out our group. You are welcome to join! The icon on the sidebar is a link to our group blog.

Summer 2007

Do you like to blog surf? That's what I call it when you start at one blog, click on a link for a blog they like to read and after you read that blog, click on a blog link listed on the "new" blog, and so on. I have found some great blogs that way! That's how I found out about the WhoDuKnit group. Late one night when I was blog surfing, someone mentioned a Stitch Marker Exchange on their blog.

I checked out the Stitch Marker Exchange blog to find out more details. I quickly learned I was in time to sign up for the Summer 2007 Stitch Marker Exchange. You promise to make 5 stitch markers for someone. You also can choose how many people you want to send/receive markers to/from.

I have received two sets of stitch markers so far from my first time entry in this exchange. The stitch markers on the left are from Hostess Robyn and the ones on the right are from Knit Girl. The photo does not do justice to the colors in these markers. Both sets are so pretty! These markers came from Canada. What fun! Thank you Robyn and Knit Girl!!! I will enjoy using each of these.

~ Next post I have a special surprise guest who is very dear to my heart. Check back in soon for a fun post!

Carpe knitting,