Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!
I hope all of the fathers are having a nice day! When I called my Dad, he said he was having a great day! I am very blessed to have him for my father!

Since Mom and Dad live too far away for me to travel there and back in one day, I decided to take a short roadtrip with camera in hand this afternoon. The Blue Whale is a Route 66 Roadside Attraction I have driven by many times in the past without my camera.
Special thanks to Hampton Hotel's Save-A-Landmark program for repainting the Blue Whale and cleaning the grounds! (Right click on their name to find out more about their Save-A-Landscape program).

Hugh Davis, former Director of the Tulsa Zoo, built the Blue Whale as an anniversary gift for his wife, Zelta, in 1972. 

I decided to go down a little trail behind the Blue Whale that leads to a pier from which people used to jump off into the water. Along the trail I found a colorful mushroom:
I also saw this plant along the trail. Is anyone familiar with what type of plant this is?
I have not made a movie in awhile so decided to set my Blue Whale photos to music. The music is "Electric Blue" (sorry I could not resist) by Mannheim Steamroller.  Click on the arrow to start the movie.
To read more about the Blue Whale on Route 66, click here

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