Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!
I hope all of the fathers are having a nice day! When I called my Dad, he said he was having a great day! I am very blessed to have him for my father!

Since Mom and Dad live too far away for me to travel there and back in one day, I decided to take a short roadtrip with camera in hand this afternoon. The Blue Whale is a Route 66 Roadside Attraction I have driven by many times in the past without my camera.
Special thanks to Hampton Hotel's Save-A-Landmark program for repainting the Blue Whale and cleaning the grounds! (Right click on their name to find out more about their Save-A-Landscape program).

Hugh Davis, former Director of the Tulsa Zoo, built the Blue Whale as an anniversary gift for his wife, Zelta, in 1972. 

I decided to go down a little trail behind the Blue Whale that leads to a pier from which people used to jump off into the water. Along the trail I found a colorful mushroom:
I also saw this plant along the trail. Is anyone familiar with what type of plant this is?
I have not made a movie in awhile so decided to set my Blue Whale photos to music. The music is "Electric Blue" (sorry I could not resist) by Mannheim Steamroller.  Click on the arrow to start the movie.
To read more about the Blue Whale on Route 66, click here

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Louise said...

Now that one has me rocking out!! Good choice of music, and Happy Father's Day to your dad too.

McKinney, TX.

Dana and Daisy said...

Hi Delores! Thank you for your kind and funny comment on my blog! You are so sweet!

Happy Weaving my friend!