Friday, November 05, 2010

Bill Kemp, Calligrapher Extraordinare, and Dr. Martens' 50th Anniversary Video

I just had the pleasure of hearing calligrapher Bill Kemp talk about his experience with his commissioned work to celebrate Dr. Martens' 50th anniversary. His calligraphy is so beautiful! The video is amazing how the artists incorporated Bill's calligraphy with some calligraphic style images and made them all flow thru the video. The fish you will see swimming in the video is from George Bickham's calligraphic script fish. George lived in 1700s. The talented artists who put this video together did some amazing things, including turning George's flat fish into a 3D "swimming fish."

I have embedded the High Definition version of the video but to get the full efffect, click on the 4 arrows in the lower right hand corner of the video (before you click on start arrow) to change to full screen to see the beautiful work by all involved! You can then press esc (far upper left corner of your keyboard) when the video is over and it will bring you back to the blog.


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