Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spotlight on Tulsa's Buried 1957 Plymouth Belvedere

Forgive my tardiness in blogging last week when the spotlight in Tulsa was on the unearthing of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. Eight years ago I stumbled across information on a buried car/time capsule in Tulsa. After telling DH, he has waited all these years for last week's big event.

We drove to downtown Tulsa a week early and took the above picture. Then as they began the excavation, DH headed over several times to check on the progress. Many were disappointed when the lids came off and they discovered what they feared was reality ~ water had gotten into the vault. You can see the various waterlines on the sides of the vault. It is evident there were times over the last 50 years when water reached over the roof.

In the above photo the car is covered in a couple of special bags that were made specifically for the storage of Miss Belvedere. A lot of the history can be found on Buried Car's website and Tulsa Films Website.

That evening they unveiled the car and the next day the crowds came to see Miss Belvedere.

It is sad to see the rust; however, when we look at her, we see history.

In 1957, 812 people guessed what Tulsa' s population would be in 2007. The winner or the closest living relation of the winner will win the car and a $100 savings account (plus interest). I have heard the savings account is now valued at $700). The microfilm containing all of the guesses did not survive; however, the time capsule contained paper copies of those guesses and they remained intact thanks to the integrity of the capsule.

This past week has been a blur and now another week has passed before I could post this. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with 2 ladies with whom I had worked a number of years ago. The subject of Miss Belvedere came up and I realized I had not completed this post.

Last Friday they announced the winner of the car and savings account. The winner had to have the guess closest to the current population of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The U. S. Census Bureau determined the population to be 382,457. The day the winner of the car was announced, Miss Belvedere was on display at a local car dealership. I believe those who so hopefully buried this 1957 Plymouth Belvedere 50 years ago would want you to view this resurrected car as history and not with sadness in her condition.

Raymond Eugene Humbertson, a Marine, had spent the evening in Tulsa one night in 1957 and submitted his guess before the car was buried. His guess was 384,743. He and his wife have since passed away but the search committee located his two sisters. In an article I read, the sisters lovingly mentioned Raymond had always brought them special gifts when he would return home on a military lead. Now they learn he has left them one last gift ~ well, actually two.

Thank you to those who wanted to share with future Tulsans by burying Miss Belvedere and the time capsule for us to enjoy 50 years later and to have a glimpse of what life was like at the time. I am sure very few, if any, ever dreamed the unveiling would become a global event. Thanks also to those who spent 18+ months preparing for her rise from the vault.

Suddenly, it's 2007!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knitter's Geek Code

Version: 1.1

KER+ Exp SPM- AddiT++ Den++ Wood Wool Lux
Cot Nov Stash+ Scale- Fin+ Ent Lace+ Flat Circ
DPN Swatch KIP Blog FO WIP+ GaugeF+ GaugeS+
GaugeDK+ SNB

I have only been knitting a year and my job keeps me so busy I do not always have time to knit {or blog} when I want to ~ so my Knitter's Geek Code is not as impressive as I would like for it to be.
If you would like to work out your own Knitter's Geek Code, visit Kate Pickering's article in the archives of
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