Monday, July 03, 2006

Flat Stanley visits Oklahoma

We have had the pleasure of hosting my nephew Trevor's Flat Stanley for 2 weeks. What a fun time we have had together! The Flat Stanley concept was developed from a book by Jeff Brown, Flat Stanley. Mr. Brown's Flat Stanley was smashed by a bulletin board that fell on him. His family was dismayed but soon learned being flat could have it's advantages. Flat Stanley no longer needed a plane ticket to visit relatives and friends. He could now travel in an envelope. Thus began his adventures determined by those who host him.

Shortly after Flat Stanley {FS} arrived, we went to visit Margaret at
Hummingbird Hill Farms {Sapulpa, Oklahoma}. What a great time we all had there! Margaret gave me a spinning lesson and I was able to try my hand at three different types of spinning wheels, including a Schacht Matchless wheel and the Schacht-Reeves Saxony wheel shown below with FS.
{Hopefully I have correctly remembered the names of the spinning wheels.} I was so impressed with the quality of these wheels!

When we took a break from spinning, we went outside to meet the Alpaca and other animals. Here is FS with Margaret and Juerga:

I have been intrigued with dying wool (roving and spun wool), so
Margaret gave me a lesson using Jacquard dye. The roving on the right was color set in a microwave. When I got home, I spun the water out of the roving in my washing machine and hung them up to complete the drying.

The fun didn't stop there! We saw a baby Boers goat, along with sheep and other goats, plus the farm dogs and cat.
"Ewe" are right, FS! We had a great time!!

The next weekend FS and I went to a Renaissance Fair in Tulsa where we met a lot of people in medieval costumes. I did not have a chance to ask permission to post their pictures on the internet, so I will not be able to show any here. Each person was gracious to allow their picture taken with Flat Stanley so Trevor could add them to FS' photo album.

While we were at the Renaissance Fair, FS got to meet Jane of Angora Jane's Fibers. He was tickled to once again see his new friends, Margaret and Vince from Hummingbird Hill Farms.

For any spinners who might be reading this, I leave you with a "never die" joke I saw on the internet:
"Old spinners never die, they just whorl away."

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