Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye, 2006!
It is hard to believe it's going to be a new year in 30 minutes. In some aspects, 2006 seemed to fly by!
I took this photo while leaving work one evening in early December. We had just had a foot of snow a few days before. I could not resist using this as a farewell to 2006. Thankfully I did not have to work today {I've worked many a holiday on tech support help desk}, so I do not have a photo of sunset at work the last day of 2006. Our flag is probably still at half-mast in memory of our 38th President, Gerald Ford, who passed away December 26th at the age of 93. He was our longest living president.
May everyone have a safe end of 2006 and a healthy, happy 2007! I hear some fireworks now even though it's not midnight yet.
Carpe knitting,

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Kat said...

Wow, that is one beautiful sunset!! They don't look like that from my house--too many trees. Thanks for sharing!