Friday, August 28, 2009

Crochet Bowl ~ Pre-Felted Stage

Wanting to get an interesting shot of my Karaoke yarn by SouthWest Trading Company, I decided to have a photo shoot at Starbucks one evening. A friend was kind enough to loan me her coffee before she took a sip so I could try to grab some shots of my yarn. If I remember correctly she took this particular picture with her cell phone and sent it to me the next day. (Thanks Dawn!)

Karaoke is a worsted weight yarn, 10 ply (9wpi), 109 yards per skein. This particular colorway is #278 Mermaid. I purchased this 50% SoySilk/50% Wool yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool. As mentioned in a previous post I originally purchased these 4 skeins early in my knitting adventure thinking I would use this yarn for a Clapotis. It would have been very pretty but I soon decided I would be happier using it for knitted bowls.

When I learned to crochet I decided I wanted to see what crochet looked like felted. I chose Caffeinated Crafter's pattern for a felted bowl. She recommends starting with a "Magic Circle" and recommends tjw1963's video on You Tube:

I started my bowl with the Magic Circle and loved the ease of it. You also need to know how to decrease or sc2tog. The Caffeinated Crafter recommends the following video by KawaiiGurumi:

Here are two pictures of my bowl before felting. I need to do some more felting and will show the felted bowl in a future post.

I actually think I like the bowl better in the pre-felting stage. Maybe when I finish the felting I will like it better. I ran out of time while felting and so let it dry for now. I hope to come back to it by next weekend. I was so busy when I started to felt it and it was taking cycle after cycle (more than I had to with my knitted felting), so I put it in "time out" for awhile.

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