Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Things Zebra ~ September

I have been contemplating adding an "All Things Zebra" post each month. There are so many interesting zebra facts and videos around. You never know what I might "dig up" for the post. Feel free to email me if you come up with something Zebra for a post and I'll credit you in my post.

I have never been on a safari, but it's on my list. Here's what happened to a couple of people who ventured out one afternoon. {Double click on the arrow to start the video.}

I am dreaming of a MacBook. Wonder if one of these would fit it?

If you like animal prints, check out aspoke.com and see the fun laptop skins. {I have never purchased anything from them, so cannot speak for the company. Just thought this was fun.}

I close with my all-time favorite zebra cartoon:

Carpe Knitting,

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Information on Zebras said...

Haa Haa. Very funny video. The zebra has such a beautiful smile. They are lucky it didn't try bite. I met a person once that was bitten on the bum by a zebra.