Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Knitted Zebra's Aunt
by KZ's Brother

I have to say a word about the Knitted Zebra's Aunt, who just returned from a week of vacation in Alaska. She is the one who taught me about multi-tasking. This was long before any books were written about the subject. As a family we had always made gifts for each other.

KZ's Aunt was on her way home from college one weekend and passed through a small Mississippi town. The local policeman did a double take. Our Aunt was driving perfectly and within the speed limit; however, she was knitting while driving. {Please do not try this yourself.}

The policeman drove up behind her and turned his lights on. The Knitted Zebra's Aunt kept going. He turned his siren on to no avail. Finally the policeman moved over to the lane beside her, rolled his window down and yelled, "Pull Over"! KZ's Aunt responded by saying, "No ~ it is a pair of socks for my sister!"

KZ asks, "How does he come up with this stuff?! "

Our Aunt really is very talented ~ and that's no joke!

Carpe Knitting,


Kat said...


Thanks for sharing!

We missed you tonight. I won't be there next week--I'm going to visit the Brookside Knitters. Don't forget about guild Monday night, too!

irenebgsted said...

I have tagged you. Look at my blog. Huyg from Irene http://denblyviol.blogspot.com