Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kudzu ~ Southern all the way!

For anyone who has lived in the South at some time or other, Kudzu is an ordinary plant you see almost everywhere you go. It is quite prolific. In case you are not familiar with Kudzu, here is the definition:

If something does not move in the South, there is a very large possibility Kudzu will overtake it. When Kudzu covers plants and trees, it chokes them to death by blocking their sunlight. It is not uncommon to see miles and miles of Kudzu. On my trip back home, I wanted to capture some of the "flavor" of Kudzu on the vine. DB {Dear Brother} had remembered me commenting on my trip last summer that I would love to get pictures of some Kudzu for my blog. A week or so before my trip this summer, DB and DSIL {Dear Sister-in-Law} scouted out some places for me.

I am not exaggerating when I say if something does not move, with all probability it will be taken over by Kudzu. Proof positive:

Look closely at the grey in the picture above. Yes ~ that is the roof of an abandoned house that is almost totally covered in Kudzu! It is not uncommon to see abandoned vehicles covered also.

Wonder what the homeowner is thinking with the Kudzu getting so close to their home?

If you think I have lost my mind, perhaps you should know that Kudzu can literally grow a foot a day during the summer and there is actually one herbicide that increased the growth instead of killing it! Right click on the word Kudzu below and choose 'Open in a New Window' so you will not be directed away from this blog post. The University of Tennessee produced this video with some interesting information: Kudzu

With such an abundance of Kudzu, perhaps the man in this next video has hit upon something {Once again right click and choose 'Open in New Window'}: Channel 9 Newstory

I will close with one last little bit of Kudzu info you might find of interest:

Just remember ~ if you decide to make a salad with Kudzu, you better eat it fast...


Jane said...

Wow - that sounds like a Stephen King Horror story in the making!
Thanks for sharing, it was very interesting.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you that last couple of days!!

I wonder how much propane though it took to make the ethanol?

Joyce said...

Wow, I thought Kudzu was in South America or something. You have your own jungles right there! Don't sit in one place too long to knit, or you'll be covered :).