Thursday, October 23, 2008

Have you seen these driving around your area?

We are beginning to see them in our area.  Over the last two weeks I have seen at least five out and about.

These pictures were taken at a local dealership and are not counted as any of the five I have seen around town.  

The car only seats two people.  I believe it is sometimes called a Smart ForTwo.

I have been rear-ended three times {none my fault}, twice by pickups and once by a semi. If you have ever been in the back seat of a car that is rear-ended by a semi and you get covered in glass as it shatters, you want a lot of space between you and the back bumper. So for me, this would not be a car I would choose. However, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the car.  

I will be curious to know if you have seen any in your area.  Send me a comment if you have and let me know where you live.

If you live in another country and have a similarly sized car, leave a comment with a description of your "small" car.

I hope you have had fun viewing these pictures.  If I hear from other countries with interesting fuel-economy cars, I will locate some photographs for a future post.

This car actually looks even smaller in "real life" next to all the full size vehicles out on the road. 

I promise fiber content very soon!


Linda said...

I've seen one on the FAA complex, and I thought the same thing you did - holy crap what if you get hit???

Anonymous said...

I've seen one around in my neighborhood. Yes, too small for me but better than a motorcycle. I'd have been dead meat in my last accident with one of those.