Saturday, April 18, 2009

Green Eggs and "Ham"

A co-worker has some chickens that lay different colors of eggs. DH {Dear Hubby} is holding a couple of green eggs.  {My apologies for the color on the photo.  It was a downcast day and it was hard to get a photo that showed the true color.}  Only the shells are green, the yolks are a normal color. I recently purchased a dozen from her. If you have never had fresh, free range eggs you are missing out! What you buy in the grocery store is not anywhere near as fresh as you might imagine. I recently read when eggs reach the grocery store shelf they are anywhere from two weeks to one month old. Another article suggested that eggs may not even be packaged until they are six weeks old. 

Cage free/free range eggs taste so much better to me. I have heard some who grew up in another country and moved to America say they can only eat the cage free/free range eggs because the other eggs bother their stomachs. My son first told me about the difference in taste. Once I tried them, I have stopped buying any eggs that are not cage free/free range.  Add fresh from the chicken to that and you have a winning combination.

Sometimes my co-worker finds some eggs with light turquoise shells also. None of these eggs have been dyed, nor have the chickens been fed special food to produce colored shells.

Thinking of Dr. Seuss' famous book "Green Eggs and Ham" I had to do a "play on words" with the green eggs and DH {Dear Hubby} playing the part of the "Ham" {for those whose first language is not English ~ one definition of the word "ham" is "one who overacts."}

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