Monday, October 29, 2007

Do Ghosts Knit?
Something Knitty to ponder this Halloween
by Knitted Zebra's Brother

Ghost seem to be a hot topic on the late night radio talk shows. I did a search on the internet for ghost pictures. After looking at several hundred pictures, I came away with more questions than answers. All our lives we are told, "you cannot take it with you."

As I looked at all the pictures I realized something was not right. All the ghost had clothes on. They say a ghost is made up of high energy. We know that clothes have no energy. I looked at three ghost pictures of the same great grandmother taken three years apart at an annual family reunion. In each picture she was wearing a different color dress!

Now here is a thought to weave this Halloween ~ Do ghost knit? Maybe that explains it. Ghosts that knit continue to appear in their family photos. The ones that cannot knit do not have the guts to stand naked in a family photo. Could it be that simple? I hope when I die some friendly ghost will knit me some Boo-jeans for family photos.

KZ's Brother

I think talking about ghosts has scared the Zebra!

Carpe Knitting,

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