Sunday, December 09, 2007

All Things Zebra ~
November & December combined

When is a Zebra not a Zebra?

What a strange question you might ask. Perhaps the question should be "When is a zebra not a mammal?". Being fascinated with zebras {the mammal, that is}, I started thinking about how many other things have "zebra" as part of the name. How many can you come up with? Here are a few that I came up with. Were these on your list?

When is a zebra, not a zebra?
... when it is a crosswalk

Someone called this a "proper" zebra crosswalk:

...when it is a zebra tomato:

... or in this case a zebra tomaten:

...when it is a paint scheme on a train:
...when it is a zebra goby:...or a zebra fish:...or a zebra lion fish:.... when it is a zebra finch:...when it is a zebra mussel:
...when it is a Zebra Longwing:
The list goes on. How many did you come up with?

With the holidays, I combined my November and December post on zebras. Hope you enjoy them.

More knitting content up ahead.

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