Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Dads a girl could ever want!  Dad, you have been a blessing to me my whole life!!  You watched over me and protected me when I was growing up. I know you still have an interest in my well being and though I am an adult now, it is great to know I will always be your "favorite older daughter"!

I have always appreciated how you encourage me to learn as much as I can.  I remember one particular summer day when you were so willing to let me learn, you did not even yell when I took the spring apart in the lawn mower.  I know that cost you money to have it rewound!  I thought that was so cool when you said I could take the lawn mower apart to see how it worked.  I am sure you never dreamed I would unwind that coil.  While this was not the start of a lawn mower repair service for me, I learned not to be afraid of finding out how things work. 

When I came to you as a 5 year old and said "Dad, I want to sing a solo in church."  You so wisely asked "What would you like to sing?"  To which I replied, "I don't know."  You lovingly told me to let you know when I decided what I wanted to sing.   Then a few months later I came to you and said, "Dad, I want to sing a solo in church."  Once again you asked, "What would you like to sing?"  "I don't know."  Still being the wonderful Dad you are, you replied, "Let me know when you decide what you want to sing."   In my memory I asked you this multiple times over the coming months.   While this was not the start of a singing career for me, I learned not to be afraid to ask.  

I do not recall being afraid when I gave my first public speech in the high school auditorium the night I graduated from kindergarten.   Public speaking comes so naturally to you and Mom that I probably did not know some people have a fear of giving speeches.  I learned that I was merely speaking to friends, albeit quite a large number of friends, while on stage.  That has served me well thru the years.

So on this special occasion, I wish you a happy birthday ... and many more!!   {I blurred out the number candles so your age will remain a secret.}

Love you Dad,

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