Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to my DS {Dear Sister}

I feel truly blessed to be a member of my family!  I love my parents, brother and sister.  Today is my day to say Happy Birthday to the best sister a girl could ever want!  Wish I could have been there to say it in person!  We share a lot of common interests and I wish we lived closer so we could get together more often.  

I just knew DS was going to be born on my birthday and she almost was ~ she arrived to greet the world 2 days before my birthday {same parents, same hospital, same doctor, but a number of years apart}.  Because of our age difference we did not have very many years together at Mom and Dad's.  I moved 500 + miles away to attend college and here I have stayed.

Before I moved I was always playing the piano at home, so when I learned DS was taking piano lessons I proudly assumed I was part of her inspiration.  Ahhh, how family can keep us humble. One year when I was back home visiting, I sat down to play something and soon I heard my sister run thru the room to find Mom so she could tell her that I knew how to play the piano.  It seems my ability to play the piano was a total surprise to my Dear Sister.  Oh yes, I had really made an impression on her when I lived at home! LOL {Laugh Out Loud}!

Fast forward years later when she and her now hubby were setting the date for their upcoming marriage.  When they chose the same day as my wedding anniversary, I thought it was so sweet they wanted to get married on the same day.  Surprise ~ when they chose the date they did not know it was the same day as my anniversary!  

I know if we were together today, we would be laughing and having fun!  By being a number of years apart in age and my moving away when DS was young, we bypassed a lot of the squabbles and sibling rivalry that others go thru.  We headed straight for the fun times!

Time is so precious and all too short when we are together!  So on this your special day, Dear Sister, I send to you my love and birthday greetings across the miles.

To celebrate your special day, here's some toned down Guns 'n Roses for your birthday:

And if you want a little more Guns 'n Roses:


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