Thursday, May 01, 2008

Time for a Finished Object {FO}!

My apologies for the long wait between posts. I was giving some serious contemplation to creating a website and having a blog connected to the website. After much consideration, free won out. {Stands to reason if I do not spend the money on the annual fee for a website, then that money is freed up to be spent on yarny things!} While I was contemplating, I held off from posting here.  Sorry to have left you hanging there.  

Hopefully showing a FO {Finished Object} will make up for it in some way.  This project was started and completed during my "contemplation." While visiting Gourmet Yarn Company
{Click on name to go to store website} in Oklahoma City, I kept noticing the FishKnit Scarf  from the Morehouse Farm Merino Knits Book {page 89}.  

The Baby Alpaca Grande Paint was also calling out to me. This bulky weight, 100% superfine Baby Alpaca by Indiecita is distributed by Plymouth Yarn Company. I had been wanting an excuse to try out this soft yarn and it was a pleasure to knit with! 

I wanted a skinner version of the scarf, so I only cast on 17 stitches using the backward loop cast on.   Click here for a video on how to do this cast-on that is also known as the Single Cast-on: Knitting-Help

Using size 10.5 needles, this was a quicker project than I have been knitting previously.  Part of the fun comes when you have completed the knitting and it is time to bind off.  I had never dropped stitches on purpose.  Here is a shot of my first row after I dropped a stitch and pulled it down to the cast-on row.

After you get over the initial uneasiness of dropping stitches on purpose, it becomes fun.   Here is a shot of the completed scarf.  Sorry this is not a very good picture.  I did not have anywhere "artsy" to take the photo so I had to settle for a bench on a really sunny day.

Carpe knitting,


Linda said...

I hear you on that yarn. I did two gift scarves from it and almost hated to see them end.

Knitted Zebra said...

Linda, your scarves were gorgeous! I want to knit one of them someday soon. Love the way the colorway "played" thru. You were the reason the yarn kept calling out to me. In fact, it still calls out "buy more, don't forget Linda's scarves you want to knit"! LOL!