Saturday, May 03, 2008

Time for Something Beady

I realize for those of you who have known me long before I learned to knit, you are wondering where the beading content is.  Not to disappoint, here is a pic of some of my work "b.k. ~ before knitting."  

The caterpillar bracelet is made with 5 different colors of size 11 seedbeads.  The beads were purchased at a store called Supernaw's Indian Supply Store {Skiatook, OK}. I was going to provide a link to their website, but their website is no longer available.  When I taught beading, students would ask me how many hours this bracelet took.  I stopped counting after 18 hours because I did not want to know just how long it took.  LOL {Laugh Out Loud}! While making this bracelet, I was going for a Monet Garden kind of feeling.  

I had fun taking a wire wrapping class and a fused glass class I took. The two middle items are from those classes.  Here are some close-ups. Sorry for the glare which makes the stone look pitted and hides some of the color. It looks prettier in real life.

Yes, that is dichoric glass underneath the hearts.  I need to do some shaping on the glass and then do some wire wrapping around it.

The beadweaving on the right {top picture} is a bracelet made from Swarovski Glass Pearls and Delicas. They were too shiny for a closeup.  Sorry about that.

Carpe knitting ... and beading,
KZ also known as Beaded Zebra

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