Wednesday, May 07, 2008

While I Was "Out" I Received My First Blog Award

Have you ever seen those phone pads designed for taking someone else's message?  The heading says something like "While You Were Out."  Well, while I was "out" contemplating moving my blog to a different location, I received my first Blog Award from Kat at Creative Popoffs {Click on blog name to go to her blog}.  Thanks, Kat for the award. What fun!

What makes it even more fun is that I now get to bestow the award on some other bloggers {who have not yet received the award ~ as far as I can tell} who "make me smile."  I enjoy reading blogs and so this is no easy task.  Here goes, in no particular order {Click on blog names to go to their blog}:

1) In a Happy Camper ~ You inspire me constantly to knit more! Can hardly wait to work on my Argosy Wrap again. Thanks too for all the "Show and Tell" when I met you in person a few months ago!

2) Spunkyprism and her Gourmet Yarn Co. blog ~ Thanks so much for the friendship and providing a wonderful "OKC" knitting home for me! I love reading your blog and finding out what my OKC friends are knitting. Of course finding out what is new in the store is detrimental to my checkbook!

3) Knit Addict ~ One of my OKC friends who also inspires me to knit more. I definitely have more projects in my "soon" list because of you!  And I have a feeling with time there will be even more! hehe!

4) Bella Gubbio ~ You made me feel so welcome at my first night at GYC Knit-In! I laughed so much! Always enjoy reading your blog because you never know what you will be blogging about!  Always a good read!

5) hazelnut reflections ~  So glad I have the opportunity to knit with you occasionally at GYC, even though it's usually a "school night" for you! I enjoy your blog about faith and fiber. I always get a chuckle out of the thought of  you being staff to two cats! I think a lot of people who have four legged "bosses" can relate.

6) Your Mirror or Mine ~ Thanks for showing us the beauty that is all around us. It is always fun to see what you and your family have been doing. It's fun to have the chance to knit with you and "the gang" at Loops when my schedule permits.

7) Simplified Life ~ One of these days, we are going to have a knitalong! I think you are the Swap Queen!  

8) Addicted to Knitting ~ Another OKC friend whose blog I enjoyed reading.  I always enjoy knitting with you at GYC. Looking forward to more posts to keep up with what you are knitting.

9) Grammieknits ~ What fun reading you blog and the Whoduknit blog!  You do a great job on both blogs!  Thanks for all the smiles you bring!

10) Vaerkstedet Vigdis Marie Design ~ I always enjoy seeing what you have been knitting.  So glad you include English on your blog!

Thanks to all for the joy your blogs bring to others!

Carpe knitting,


Emily said...

Thanks! That means a lot to me.

Now I have to think of some blog awards of my own . . .

Vyvyan said...

I am SO not worthy! You are sweet to give this award to me.

Knitted Zebra said...

You are both very welcome! It was my pleasure! I enjoy your blogs!

Jane said...

Well - thank you so much - and right back to you! You have the coolest things on your blog!

Terri said...

Thank you so much. We missed you last week. I was wondering where you were. See you at the next one.

Knitted Zebra said...

I hated to miss! It's so much to see everyone and see all of the projects.

Knitted Zebra said...

Thanks Jane for your kind words about my blog! I have fun with it.