Monday, July 14, 2008

Memories Monday

I originally placed this under Music Monday but have now decided to periodically have a Memories Monday for those times when I find something that elicits a memory.   A friend had a link to this video on her blog and when I saw it, I knew I had to share it with you. Enjoy this duck and dog who are obviously inseparable:

This reminds me of some pets I had when I was younger. I had a poodle who grew up with my pet Easter duck. They were the best of buddies and would play together every chance they had. I wish I had pictures to show. Here is a video that reminds me of the two of them:

Fifi and Gomer would take turns chasing each other and sometimes they would roll over and over together like they were wrestling. People who came by to visit would often comment about seeing the two of them play. One time when Granddad was visiting, he was walking his dog in our backyard and while they were standing there, he saw the funniest thing.

Gomer quietly waddled over to Fifi who had his nose buried in the grass investigating something. Fifi was so intent on what he was looking at, he did not hear Gomer coming. Granddad said it was very obvious Gomer had this planned and was trying to be very quiet because a lot of times when Gomer and Fifi played Gomer would be quacking while he waddled. This time Gomer was in stealth mode. Fifi had the typical short poodle tail and when his nose was to the ground, his short tail was straight up in the air. Gomer got right behind him and just as he got to Fifi's tail he put his beak right over Fifi's tail and let out the loudest quack Granddad had ever heard. Fifi shot up into the air because it was a total surprise. Granddad said he laughed so hard at their antics. That would have been so funny to see!

Hope I have brought a smile to your face as you finish out your Monday.

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