Sunday, February 21, 2010

There are some fun themed blogging groups that invite other bloggers to join them. I am going to participate in Camera Critters, If you have a few minutes, click on the name or the logo and visit their website to find other blogs with critter pictures.  These are typically posted on Sundays. {As always, right clicking and choosing open in new window will keep my blog open in one window for you.}

Since this weekend finds us in the 40's (Fahrenheit) and it is raining, I thought these Flamingos would be a good picture to share. They all appear to be napping. It is a great weekend to catch up on your rest, reading, movie watching, blog surfing, music writing (or listening), or other creative endeavors.  

I took this picture at our local zoo (on a much nicer day).

To see other photos of Camera Critters, click on the logo:

Camera Critters

No matter what your plans are for the weekend, have a great one and remember:
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