Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gussy has a contest also

Hop on over to Gussy's blog:  {I have hyperlinked the url so just right click and choose "open in a new window." It will take you on over to Maggie's blog in a different window. Be sure and come back to this window to finish reading my blog.}.  Maggie's two prizes are related to my post yesterday about Where Women Create.  The contest ends soon so do not delay!

Today is Valentine's Day. Our Sasha is part Samoyed and she talks to us all the time. I do not have any videos of her talking so for Valentine's Day I wanted to post another talented dog who says "I love you."

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
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Carol said...

This made me laugh so I went to utube and looked at a couple of other huskies who also say I love you! Nice video.